Monetize Your Mobile Site or App

Whether you have a mobile site or an app, advertising is a great way to monetize your investment and earn on going revenue. It is possible to earn much more from Bidsflyer mobile ad platform since we are connected with major supply sources.

Through our platform you can

  • Realize greater yield through pricing algorithms and bid landscape analytics.
  • We have global campaigns from top brand advertisers.
  • Maximize your earning for each impression.
  • Create mobile ad formats optimized for tablets, Smartphone and feature phones.
  • Make inventory easier to package, discover and sell via direct orders and auctions.
We give you control and optimization, control of the type of ads that you display, optimization of your ad slots’ performance in real time with our deep-dive reporting and analytics. Bidsflyer allows publishers to view performance by date and geography. Advanced visualization features allow you to create on the fly graph which allows you to measure many dimensions like: ad requests, ad impressions, clicks, earnings, fill rates, CPC and CTR.


  • High eCPM: Bidsflyer provides one of the best reporting and analytical tools which help our publishers consistently improve eCPM.
  • In-App Advertising:Monetize your applications through advertising.
  • High fill rate:Allocate your ad requests to third-party sources including AdMob, mmedia, and more.
  • Client Campaigns:Sell your own mobile ad campaigns and we’ll serve them in your app.
Then, our in-house optimization team organizes and formats all ad types to utilize every new feature of any mobile device to maximize your clicks and earnings

Publisher tools

Our SDK, Mobile Code and API Integration makes it easy to start engaging and monetizing. Once you are up and running, our real-time reporting system allows you to track earnings and monitor your traffic.

Actionable Insights

Analyze bidding activity, determine price floors and identify potential selling opportunities.

Predictive Algorithms

Obtain the highest bid for each impression using our proprietary modeling technology.

Customizable Controls

Determine which advertisers can buy inventory and set relative floor rates.

Integration option:

Flexible integration options for publishers and App developers.
We have an integration option for you. Choose as you like,

Integration option



Publisher apps (Android, iOS) ad request directly to Bidsflyer . Code is compiled within the app. Easy configuration and testing environment.
Server API
Publisher server requests ads directly from Bidsflyer and provides full control and flexibility over the ad requests. (S2S)
Mobile Code
Bidsflyer automatically generates sample code in a number of programming languages for you to customise and implement into your WAP sites.

Ad Formats

We offer diffrent ad format for Mobile and Tablet

Our mobile display banner ads are fully conform to MMA standards and usually come in 320×50 or 300×50 on smartphones, and 728×90 on tablet devices. Our banner ad SDKs are fully MRAID compatible, engaging, and usually achieve higher CTRs and eCPMs.

Standared sizes are given below


320×50 Banner
300×250 Medium BannerTablet
Custome Size


728×90 Leaderboard
300×250 Medium Tablet Banner
160×600 Skyscraper
320×50 Tablet Banner
Custome size